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  • Topless & Nude Waitress
  • Poker Dealer
  • Lap Dances
  • Promotional Work

AVALYN waitress

Ava Lyn is a topless waitress Gold Coast. Book this fun, cheeky and stunning girl for your private function. This Canadian beauty will bring the fun atmosphere to your party. Available as a topless waitress on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

She works very well with her fellow Canadian beauty Molly. They make a great team and bounce off each other well. https://partystrippers.com.au/model/molly-gold-coast/

Ava Lyn is perfect for Golf Day events. She can be your sexy Golf caddy and can also play a round of golf herself. Hire Ava Lyn as a party hostess for your event to run bucks party games, or just as a topless or nude waitress. She can do lap dances for the buck also.

Ava Lyn topless waitress Gold Coast

Molly & Ava Lyn Gold Coast