• GOLD COAST Showgirl & waitress
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  • Gold Coast
  • Topless, Nude waitress
  • Poker Dealer
  • Lap Dances
  • XXX shows
  • Duo shows

CHARLEE showgirl/waitress

Charlee is a Gold Coast showgirl and waitress. She is tonnes of fun and will make sure all guests at your special event are happy. Charlee, is available for XXX shows, duos and topless and nude waitressing. Abigail is her duo partner. https://partystrippers.com.au/model/abigail/ https://partystrippers.com.au/model/abigail/

Charlee makes a great waitress and poker dealer. She has lots of personality and is a great party hostess. Contact us to lock in a booking with Charlee.


Gold Coast Showgirl Charlee