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  • Topless & Nude Waitress
  • Poker Dealer
  • Lap dances
  • R Rated Shows
  • XXX vibe, FnVeg, Sim Squirt & Dominatrix Shows
  • Duo Shows with GiGi, Sierra & Charlee
  • Speciality Shows

ABIGAIL showgirl/waitress

If your searching for a 10/10 sexy and flexible top showgirl. As well as, deliver a fun and full-of-tricks strip show, then look no further than Abigail!
AAIA awards nominee for best showgirl – AND having performed shows all around the world, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see her perform.
Abigail is available for topless and nude waitressing, poker dealing and lap dances. Her show portfolio includes; R rated G-string and nude shows, plus also XXX Vibe shows, FnVeg shows, Dominatrix, Simulated Squirt and Duo shows. And not to mention her amazing speciality shows; “Sugar and Champagne” & “The Fiddle and Fire Spectacular. These strip shows are jammed packed full of thrills and spills, therefore only a small part of their description is included on this page. Contact us now, to ask for the full descriptions of these sensational shows.
Abigail is a talented violinist. Amazingly, she has incorporated this special skill into one of her speciality shows, “The Fiddle and Fire Spectacular”. There is no doubt that this will be the most spectacular and original show you’ve ever seen. It will most definitely bring out your inner cowboy! A must see and highly recommended show!
Abigail’s exclusive, “Sugar and Champagne Show”, has been performed all OVER THE WORLD! This show ends with a POP! You don’t want to miss Abigail’s, intoxicating delicious Sugar and Champagne show. Candy underwear, marshmallows and champagne are the sweet and tasty treats included. This show is a staple for birthdays, bucks parties, or any event that wants some wow!

Duo Partners; Charlee, Gigi, Sierra

https://partystrippers.com.au/model/charlee-gold-coast/ ‎

https://partystrippers.com.au/model/gigi-gold-coast-bucks-shows/ ‎

Special Show #1

“The Devil went down on Abigail” – FIDDLE & FIRE SPECTACULAR     30min $750 45min $850

Best performed outside, but can be altered for indoors.

Fast bluegrass fiddle playing. Cowgirl costume, cracking the whip and breaking in the stud (guest of honour). Tennessee whiskey pussy CHUG. Pussy on fire, vibe shooting. Playing a custom made violin, which F#*ks her at same time.

Special Show #2

SUGAR & CHAMPAGNE                          30min $650 45min $750

Lots of vibrators, whips, chains and flames. Pearls, marshmallows and a sexy and sweet slip and slide. Interactive game of ring toss. Candy underwear eating for guest of honour. Champagne sipping and squirting. And more……