• GOLD COAST Showgirl & Waitress
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  • Gold Coast
  • Topless, Nude Waitress
  • Poker Dealer
  • Lap Dances
  • XXX Shows
  • Duo Shows

DELILAH showgirl/waitress

Showgirl Delilah, is based on the Gold Coast and will travel to surrounding areas. She is also available for topless and nude waitressing. Delilah can do lap dances for the buck and is an amateur poker dealer.

She is a petite little spunk with a cheeky personality and great boobs. Delilah performs XXX vibe shows and Duo shows. Clients love her shows and give good feedback. Contact us to book showgirl Delilah for your special event.

Areas Available: Gold Coast. Brisbane, Byron Bay, Ipswich

Available for: Topless, Nude waitressing, Lap Dances, Poker Dealing, promotional work, R-rated shows, XXX shows, Duo Shows

Showgirl Delilah

Showgirl Delilah