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  • Topless, nude waitress
  • Poker Dealer
  • Lap Dances
  • Burlesque Shows
  • XXX Shows
  • Special shows

CHANEL-A showgirl/waitress

Chanel Avory is a professional Burlesque Dancer. She also is available for topless and nude waitressing and XXX shows. She can do lap dances for the buck and is an amateur poker dealer. Brisbane based and will travel to surrounding areas.

Treat yourself, the buck, or birthday boy to a tasteful and professional burlesque dancer who also performs XXX shows. French, sexy and bubbly, Chanel has over 11 years of acrobatic, gymnastic, dancing experience and 7 years in the waitressing, stripping industry. She knows how to lead a crowd, make people laugh and making jaws drop.

Burlesque Show  15min $350

Treat yourself to a whole lot of French charm with a sparkly classic burlesque show that is perfect for classier events.

XXX Deluxe Show   45min $550

Sexy strip tease to nude. Full gymnastic and acrobatic show. Attention to guests and special attention for the guest of honour. Sweet treats of marshmallows from tits and a lollipop trick. Giant bubble stick and unicorn trick. The shoot and grab game with dildos, and secret pearls. Multiple dildos and multiple positions. Fruit n Veg including the banana split trick. Body shots, and strawberries and cream. Fire play on herself and the buck, plus some candle wax. Don’t forget some spanking for the buck.


Chanel A burlesque shows